Monday, July 1, 2013

Time to say Goodbye for now...

Its been lovely getting to know some of you on here over the past few years.
I have made some beautiful friends and have felt the love on several occasions.
My journey on here has been short and sweet.
For now its time to close the door for awhile.
Maybe one day ill be back again, maybe when I feel God drawing me back.
For now there are so many going ons in our world that my attention to this wee blog has been sorely neglected.
Therefore I bid you farewell.

Kristie xx

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tea With Me....(a link up)

My lovely friend Em has started a little linky.
I'm looking forward to having a cuppa and catch up each fortnight.
Love sharing words of encouragement, wisdom and some laughs over a cuppa or two.

If we were sitting around my dining table with a lovely pot of brewed English breakfast,
I would be sharing some shocking news we received this past weekend about a dear friend of ours who has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease. I would tell you that it has completely rocked our world. We are standing and believing in Faith that God's perfect will we be played out. That this will be incredibly hard but rewarding journey and that already we are seeing Gods hand at work in the whole thing. The strength of the family is inspiring.

we would also chat about our little kidlets going back to school and even the little cuties going for the first time.
How our babies are growing up so fast and before we know it we will be talking about them finishing school and entering into adulthood oh my!

I would tell you how incredible my hubby has been over the past few weeks. I have been a little burnt out over the last little while and my word has my man stepped up to the plate. I certainly am incredibly blessed to have him by my side.

Id ask how things have been with you?
Whats been happening in your world?
How's your Quiet Time been?
Is there anything i can keep in my prayers for you?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Soaking It In....

Last night as I lay in bed unable to venture off into the land of dreams,
as our middle child sprawled out next to me. my word they take up A LOT of space.
I couldn't help but notice the way his soft small arm lay ever so gently across my chest and cup the side of my face.
I was immediately taken back to the days when i was his age and would quite frequently crawl into my parents bed when I couldn't sleep.
I loved the warmth they bought, the closeness and safety.
At that exact moment I realised,
This sweet love of mine was just like his mumma.
And you know what, one day he will be big and may not want my snuggles.
So for now sleep can wait, I am soaking in every last moment of this.
I feel honoured and blessed that he feels that when he is scared, he can run to his mumma and find safety.
That right there, That's pretty damn special.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

Our Little Man Is ONE!!!

It has been a crazy 12 months since your birth bubba boy.
What an adventure it has been.
Love you to the moon and back and cant wait to see
what this next year brings.


My little man is growing up.
This moment bought quite a few tears.
He has been my longest breastfeed bubba.
Love that he is getting special time with daddy now.

Linking up with this lovely lady.


Playing catch up.

Early morning hang outs 
with these precious ones.
My heart is so full that these two are all mine.

Linking up with this lovely one.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


If you follow me on Instragram you would have already seen some of these images, Sorry.

This Little one has a habit of falling asleep at the beach/pool.
I kid you not in the 4 mains times we have been to the beach in the last few weeks
as soon as he is with me in the water he is fast asleep.
So precious.

Mr G pretty stoked about getting the breakfast ready for everyone.

Mr D made lunch for everyone and declared he was awesome and wanted to 
make lunch all the time.
So proud.

Linking up here.

Kristie xx